The company "Woodline" is focused on you, our customer. That's why our company's structure is simple and clear. The structure consists of three sales areas.

First - this is the product for personal use. The products with the brand Kleiberit and WoodMax you can buy from us and our partners, located in most major cities of Lithuania, shops.

The second - adhesive products for the Lithuanian companies working in furniture, window and door industry. Fast, professional customer service, product delivery to the client, tips, advice on adjusting the glue to your production.

The third - to supply products in other European countries.



Kleiberit adhesive is used to solve a wide range of market requirements and adapted to specific customer requests and needs. Whether the wood and furniture industry, automotive and filter industry, paper and textile industry, KLEIBERIT offers a number of innovative systems and interconnect solutions.



Glue WoodMax is suitable for furniture, doors and wood industry. D2, D3 and D4 moisture resistant glue works so well for Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine and many other countries.