We offer a wide range of exotic (and not only) of wood, which are stored in warehouses. Working with our partners around the world we can offer you any type of wood you are interested in, and if you will not find some type of special specie in our stores we can deliver that within a very short time for you from European warehouses. 

We are open to your questions, we can consult you on which type is better for the manufacture of one or another specific product, as well as provide information about the specifics of processing and exchange of experiences.



The biggest part of our lumber bussines consist of european oak and european brown ash lumber.

Our standard thicknesses in unedged european oak KD 8-10% is 27mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm, AB and BC qualities.

Warehouse size and monthly capasity is about 1000 m3.

Beside of unedged we also have squere edged oak lumber in 50mm thickness (27mm will be in nearest future).

Square edged 50mm oak we have in AA and AB quality.

Lenghts from 800mm till 2000mm (every 100mm)  is AA quality.

Lengths 2100mm and +(every 100mm) is AB quality.

And becoming more and more popular – brown ash.

We keep it in unedged 50mm thickness, AB quality (27mm and 40mm will be soon).



If You will not found any interest from our stock program, please let us know and we will try to do Your asked thickness or quality.